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SEA LIFE Melbourne
King Street
Melbourne VIC

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Open Times

Thursday - Monday
10am - 5pm (Last entry 4pm)
Weekends, School Holidays and Public Holidays
10am - 5pm (Last entry 4pm)
SEA LIFE Melbourne

Along your journey through SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium, one of Melbourne's top attractions, you'll encounter some of the world's most incredible animals. Get up close to playful penguins, huge sharks, massive sawfish, majestic stingrays, beautiful seahorses, thousands of tropical fish and much, much more!

There is so much to see and a wide array of fun things to do for young and old, you won't regret a trip to SEA LIFE Melbourne.


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4D Cinema.jpg

Ice Age: No Time For Nuts

4-D Cinema Experience

Join Scrat, Ice Age’s resident nut-crazed sabre-toothed squirrel, as he time travels in his zaniest adventure to date, Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4-D. Scrat battles a wonky time-machine that has zapped his beloved nut, and with buddies Manny, Diego and especially Sid along for the ride the laughs are right on time in this custom 4-D special effects extravaganza!

Join Scrat On An Adventure

The Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4-D experience is included in the cost of admission and is fully wheel chair accessible.

SL Penguin Expedition Gentoos

Explore A World Unlike Any Other

Penguin Playground

Explore a world unlike any other in Penguin Playground and marvel as the majestic King and cheeky Gentoo penguins slip and slide across the snow-covered ice. Chill out with the penguins as they get up to mischief and splash about in the penguin pool.

Did you know?

The speed of our cute Gentoo penguins is sure to impress as they swim up to 36km per hour!

SLMA Ocean Invaders_Chloe Haryadi & Sebi Roberts (1).jpg

Blob on in to

Ocean Invaders

Discover some of the extraordinary, transparent, squishy creatures, in the new interactive exhibit!

At a glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Clownfish
  • Moon Jellies
Untitled design (71).png (1)

Explore the depths of the Port Phillip Bay

Bay Of Rays

Journey beneath the surface of Melbourne’s iconic Port Phillip Bay, where you will encounter some of the graceful marine creatures that ordinarily reside well out of eye-sight. Gaze at the graceful Fiddler rays and other residents including the iconic Port Jackson shark The crawl-through heads up display provides the perfect opportunity for kids to peek into the fascinating underwater world of Port Phillip Bay!

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Port Jackson Shark
  • Fiddler Ray
  • Sun Starfish
3. Rockpools.jpg

Touch & Feel

Discovery Rockpools

Get your hands wet and discover the world that lies below the waves at the interactive Discovery Rockpools, where you can touch beautiful Sea stars and shark eggs! Explore the Mangrove Nursery, where the mangroves provide the perfect playground for juvenile fish.

Did you know...

There are some 2,000 species of Sea stars worldwide, from tropical habitats to the cold seafloor.


Come face-to-face with Pinjarra

Crocodile Lair

From two spectacular viewing levels, come face-to-face with Pinjarra – one of Australia’s largest saltwater crocodiles. A full, 360 degree, jaw-dropping viewing experience.

Wrap your jaws around these saltwater crocodile fun facts!

  • Saltwater Crocodiles are the largest crocodile species in the world
  • It is generally assumed that the body of a crocodile is nine times the size of its head!
6. Mermaid Garden.jpg

Discover the wonder

Mermaid Garden

Venture into the awe-inspiring depths of Australia’s oceans as you walk beneath our 2.2 million litre Oceanarium. Take a moment to soak up the breathtaking panoramic view as huge stingrays, massive sharks and hundreds of multi-coloured marine creatures swim by. An enchanting underwater paradise awaits at Mermaid Garden!

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Grey Nurse Shark
  • Smooth Stingray
Finding Dory and Friends Pre-Launch 135.JPG

Marvel at the vibrant creatures

Coral Atoll

This colourful underwater wonderland is home to a variety of exotic animals, including moray eels, and hundreds of multi-coloured fish. See if you can spot Dory, the famous Southern Blue Tang. Coral Atoll is just one of many habitats to discover at SEA LIFE Melbourne, where you can lose yourself in a colourful underwater world.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Green Moray
  • Southern Blue Tang
Untitled design (70).png (1)

Run across the Ocean Floor, see bubbles fly!

Interactive Wonder Wall

The Interactive Wonder Room is an all-new immersive, digital installation inspired by underwater movement. Colour in your own Jellyfish one one of our interactive screens then watch it float!

How it Works

  • Colour in your Jellyfish on the interactive screens.
  • Get your photo taken.
  • Watch your Jellyfish and your photo swimming along the interactive wall.
  • When you dance bubbles appear and the interactive floor changes colour as you dance!
5. Shipwreck Explorer.jpg

Journey deep below

Shipwreck Explorer

Journey deep below and encounter some of the aquarium’s largest marine creatures. Relax on the steps of the Ocean Theatre; your window into the underwater world and watch a presentation about the amazing marine creatures floating by.

Talk Times

Let's Talk Ocean Predators

  • 12:00pm
  • 1:00pm
  • 2:00pm
  • 3:00pm
12. Seahorse Pier.jpg

Discover weird and wonderful creatures

Seahorse Pier

Housing our stunning seahorse and sea dragon species, experience a rainbow of stunning colours and weird and wonderful creatures in Seahorse Pier. This exhibit is also home to SEA LIFE Melbournes internationally-recognised Weedy Seadragon breeding program.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you'll see here...

  • Giant Cuttlefish
  • Sea Dragons
11. Rainforest Adventure.jpg

Learn More About our Unique Residents

Rainforest Adventure

Prepare to be transported from the depths of the ocean to the lush and humid temperatures of the tropical north where you can wonder at some of the unique Australian animals, including Lungfish, turtles, snakes, lizards and frogs.

At a Glance

Some of the animals you can see...

  • Lungfish
  • Fresh Water Turtles